Our Team

IRSEM’s is made up of teams linked to three main aspects of the day-to-day life at the Institute: management, research team and support.

Orga Eng

The management team consists of a director, supported by a deputy director who steps in during the director's absence; a scientific director, who also serves as a part-time university professor, in charge of research including the annual scientific program and the scientific validation of publications; a general secretary, who oversees the administrative management of the Institute, and a delegate responsible for international development and institutional relations.

Our research team, is divided into 6 departments according to the six topics and areas covered.

The Euro-Atlantic region - Russia - focuses on the strategic and geopolitical changes in North America, Europe, Russia (with Eurasia and Central Asia).

Africa - Asia - the Middle East - analyses the strategic and geopolitical changes in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Armament and Defence Economics - specialises in economic factors linked to defence, and to a greater extent, aims to account for strategic issues resulting from technological developments, accessibility matters linked to both natural resources and environmental factors.



Defence and Society - delves into the social evolutions within the military world and the connections between the armed forces and society (sociology of military personnel, integration of women, relationships between political power and military institutions, new forms of mobilisation, socialisation and integration of young people and the rise in radicalism).



Strategies, Norms and Doctrines, the team studies contemporary armed conflicts, particularly in terms of their political, military, legal and philosophical aspects.



Intelligence, Strategy foresight and Influencefocuses on the "knowledge and anticipation" strategies.

Our support team is led by a "research support chief" and is divided into two subcategories:

  • Administrative support (secretariat, human resources, accounting).
  • Promotion of research (publications, editing, communications, doctoral and post-doctoral support, multimedia).