IRSEM- NATO Defence College partnership: Annual seminary on “The Future Strategic Competition in Central Asia”, Rome. 29-30 January.

On 29 and 30 January, the NATO Defence College (NDC) in Rome organized a seminar on «The Future of Strategic Competition» in Central Asia, in collaboration with IRSEM, as part of the partnership established in 2017 between the two organizations.


The objectives of the seminar in the "Chatham House" format were threefold: first, to examine in greater depth the political, military, security and economic consequences for the region of the war in Ukraine and the fall of the Afghan regime in 2021; second, to identify the main interests, opportunities and obstacles facing the countries of Central Asia in their cooperation with external actors; third, to analyse the changing roles of Russia, China, the West and Indo-Pacific partners in their engagement with the region.

The strength of this format lies in the freedom of expression and the diversity of perspectives brought by the participation of representatives from different and diverse geographical horizons (international organisations - EU /OTAN/OSCE -, Atlantic Alliance countries and Central Asian countries) and from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including officials, academics, senior experts, NGOs and strategic consultancies. The difference of perspectives allowed for dynamic, in-depth discussions and shared knowledge based on an outstanding strategic expertise.

The next IRSEM/NDC seminar will take place in Paris.

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