Strategic Brief no. 68 - 2024

Will Russia denounce the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS)?

Report No 110 - 2023

Establishing norms of behaviour in outer space from the earth to the moon, and beyond

Report No 109 - 2023

The dynamics of chaos : Revolution, war and political transitions in Sudan.

Strategic Brief no. 65 - 2023

US Withdrawal and European Strategic Autonomy.

Strategic Brief no. 64 - 2023

Russia's nuclear blackmail: Mere strategic intimidation?

Strategic Brief no. 63 - 2023

Strengthening military cooperation between Singapore and China : What is at stake for the city-state?

Research paper No. 139 - 2023

Nato and the war in Ukraine: limited role but reinforced legitimacy?

Research Paper No. 137 - 2023

The agreement to normalize Saudi-Iranian diplomatic relations was signed in Beijing: mixed perspectives

Research paper No. 138 - 2023

Use of reservists in the ukrainian conflict : between mass and high technology, hard lessons for western armies.

Strategic Brief No. 61 - 2023

Another Election, Another Cabinet: Will Kuwait Correct Its Course?