Strategic Brief no. 68 - 2024

Will Russia denounce the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS)?

Strategic Brief no. 62 - 2023

Information Warfare in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Strategic Brief no. 65 - 2023

US Withdrawal and European Strategic Autonomy.

Strategic Brief no. 64 - 2023

Russia's nuclear blackmail: Mere strategic intimidation?

Strategic Brief no. 63 - 2023

Strengthening military cooperation between Singapore and China : What is at stake for the city-state?

Strategic Brief No. 61 - 2023

Another Election, Another Cabinet: Will Kuwait Correct Its Course?

Strategic Brief No. 59 - 2023

Will Russia station nuclear weapons in Belarus?

Strategic Brief No. 50

South Korea and the Indopacific: A strategic coming of age?

Strategic Brief No. 48

How Does the Party Present its (Rather Bad) Economic Results and What it Intends to Do About it

Strategic Brief No. 46

The (new) race to the Moon Initially symbolic, lunar conquest has acquired a strategic, territorial dimension