Report IRSEM No. 100 - 2022

Turkey's Multi-Sectorial strategy in Lybia: A Gateway to the Eastern Mediterranean and Africa


Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, and due to Libya’s extremely fragile security and political situation, the country is plagued by permanent crises. Libya is also turning into an arena of power struggles and wars of influence between various actors, both national and foreign. Turkey counts among these actors and has adopted a diversified investment strategy, focusing mainly on the military, economic, political, social and educational sectors. Ultimately, Turkey’s goal is to ensure that Ankara emerges as a dominant force once the conflict has been resolved. In addition to this investment strategy, Turkey sports a clear-cut state-building project for a prosperous economy; its details deserve to be clarified. What are the modalities of Turkey’s actions in its quest for hegemony in Libya? How has Turkey positioned itself amid the restructuring of power in Libya


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Dr Sümbül KAYA

Chercheuse Turquie