[Replay] Perceptions of the Strategic Landscape and Technological Implications

The Colloquium "Perceptions of the Strategic Landscape and Technological Implications" of November 18, 2022 is online.


A few months after NATO’s Madrid summit and the publication of NATO 2022 New Strategic Concept, the strategic landscape continues to be affected by severe challenges.

It is therefore timely to decypher the broad lines and the specific trends of the current strategic environment, its inherent risks as well as the options to meet the challenges to our global security.

This seminar aims at underlining the changes in NATO’s course of actions to respond to a strategic landscape in transformation.

Representatives from NATO international secretariat, from Allie’s countries and from academia will share with us their perceptions and their perspectives on the current landscape, its evolution and the investment required to meet the challenges. It will also open up on to the possible areas for subsequent competition.


Watch here