Note de recherche n°140 - 2024

The Korean defense industry enters the European security theater an analysis of Korea-Poland arms deals


Over the past couple of years Korea and Poland have been advancing a large arms deal framework, worth approximately 60 billion USD, across the field including, but not limited to, main battle tanks, self-propelled howitzers, light fighter jets and multi-launch rocket systems. This is an unprecedented defense industrial cooperation to connect, if not integrate, their respective regions in the Euro-Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific. Such a bold move surprises many in both regions as well as Russia and other major powers. Why and how did they confirm this intriguing defense industrial cooperation, which has significant implications for security alignment? What are the pros and cons of the ongoing interaction for these two geographically distant security partners? What are the strategic consequences and implications for Korea, Poland, and other major stakeholders? This paper provides a set of preliminary assessments of these issues.

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