Online Conference - Computerized Intelligence & the Second Age of SIGINT

Mercredi 06 juillet 2022


Online Conference - Computerized Intelligence & the Second Age of SIGINT
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Organised by IRSEM

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Signals intelligence or SIGINT is one of the most secretive sources of intelligence. SIGINT comprises different parts of intelligence collection, including electronic intelligence (ELINT), which derives information from assessing electronic emissions, and communication intelligence (COMINT) which derives intelligence from reading encrypted messages.

SIGINT has played a major role in war and power politics since its emergence in the early 20th Century. The Internet era and the emergence of computerized intelligence has opened what John Ferris calls, in his major work on the history of GCHQ, the Second Age of SIGINT.

This conference will address the transformation brought about by the second age of SIGINT, its characteristics and challenges, and what differentiates it from Cold War signals intelligence.


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