BORDER SEMINAR | The Tajikistan / Kirghizstan border

Mercredi 28 avril 2021


Border Seminar | Online

Tajikistan / Kirghizstan border -
The impacts of the tensions at the Tajikistan/Kirghizstan border
on local contacts and diplomatic relations

IRSEM / INALCO - April 28th, 2021


The border conflict between Tajikistan and Kirghizstan is one of the hottest topics in the relation between Dushanbe in Bishkek. Despite times of relative peace, tensions arise regularly as local actors resort to the use of violence. While national leaders struggle to find a solution in these strategic peripheral territories, border communities are losing patience. The arrival of Sadyr Japarov at the head of Kirghizstan raises more concerns on the possible cooperation with Tajikistan to tackle this sensitive issue. Based on ethnographic insights and long-time knowledge of Central Asian borderlands, experts Bruce Pannier and Steve Swerdlow will discuss the current state of the matter and possible perspective in the near future. 

Speakers :
Steve Swerdlow (University of Southern California) and Bruce Pannier (RadioFree Europe / Radio Liberty)




Contacts :

-          Emmanuel DREYFUS (

-          Mélanie SADOZAÏ (

-          Dorian LEGER – Communication – (


Contact :
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